Navarre Erminaras

Outlander Elven Monk


Tattoos covering Navarre’s head, chest and shoulders respresent swirling winds


Navarre’s early life was that of a typical Wood Elf. He grew up in the town of Stone Stand which is on the northern border of The High Forest. he also grew up in a loving family, a father Thauron, mother Emeril and 2 siblings an Older brother Caewon and a younger sister Lillith… They didn’t care about money or fortune as long as they had each other…

Navarre spent most of his youth running through the vast High Forest, until something in him changed… he was still in his youth about 50 yo when he started getting visions, Something that he couldn’t, as if he was somebody or something else… At first, Navarre thought the visions to be just daydreams… but then the visions started to seem more real… he kept getting glimpses of a past life he knew nothing of…

With a heavy heart he decided to leave his home and family he loved, in search of answers… through his travels he learned to live off the land… Hunt and fish for the food he needed, build shelter with the surrounding forest and makes hides and clothing from animals he hunted….

His Pilgrimage drew him to The Dragon’s Scale, a monastery who devoted their worship to Bahamut, the dragon god of good… this is where he learned his second tongue of draconic… for some reason he felt close to Bahamut but couldn’t place it….

This is where Navarre met his master, a Human by the name Lao Chen from the Shou clan where he taught him the ways of the monk, how to channel his energy through the forces of nature and how to control his visions through meditation…. He was there many years until he suffered one more vision, not of his past life but of an impending doom that could devastate the world he lived in and destroy everyone he loved..

Navarre decided to leave his monastery in search of more answers, which brought him to Greenest where his vision started to unfold with the town being attacked by an evil Dragon…

Navarre Erminaras

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