Tyranny Of Dragons

Art on the Hoof

Session 5

Session begins where the prelude ends, at the first temporary campsite the characters find to attempt a short rest. Two characters are limping along at one hit point and the third isn’t doing too great. The moral quandry is real, and failure is a big sting.

  • The short rest was successful but at the end a giant mantis finds the wounded party.
  • It begins the encounter with a show of waving antennae and clacking mandibles, the characters are unclear whether this is an attempt to communicate.
  • Navarre, the elven monk is attacked outright to the exclusion of everyone else. It is discovered it has a poisonous bite that normal mantises do not have.
  • The giant mantis is slain and the party continues to Greenest with no further incidents.
  • After a few drinks at the inn, rooms are purchased and the party takes a long rest in comfort and recovers.
  • Barley awakens refreshed and is the first downstairs to tuck into a tall glass of fresh apple juice with a large breakfast.
  • Kalif is next down for a proper repast. He passes up the juice for a full bodied ale and the full english.
  • Navarre is last seated but is outdone by the dwarvish gusto.
  • Barley waits impatiently for Kalif to finish mopping up the gravy, then they all head off to the Governor’s manor.
  • One of the (new) guards ushers them into the Governor’s study where they are greeted by the still groggy Tarbaw Nighthill who still bears a large welt where the cultist’s garrote had ended his life until saved by Kalif.
  • Barley chats up the Governor about his statuette of a red dragon and its significance to the cultists.
  • They are interrupted several times by servants bringing the Governor breakfast and tea.
  • The group gets a dissertation by Kalif about Tiamat:
    • Tiamat was created by the great dragon god Io, with two brothers. She slew one of them and ever after warred with Bahamut her elder. After untellable time of conflict and strife during which she bred and sowed evils throughout the realm, she was banished to Avernus by the efforts of Bahamut and Pelor and locked there under contract of Asmodeus. Only under certain circumstances can she break free or be summoned to appear elsewhere. She has a large cult following and indeed all dragons that do not have metallic colorations worship her as an ancestor and god.
  • The Governor admitted to having nightmares lately where the statuette played a major part and had been thinking of selling it and other art objects to fund the rebuilding of the town.
  • Navarre blanched he heard his asking price, but the Governor offered the party the statuette as a fee for them to find art dealers to help sell his art. He also gave to the party a small case of finely detailed animal figurines to show off to prospective buyers, mentioning that he had been told it was a full set. Judging by the plush, fitted pockets in the case, he had no reason to doubt it.
  • Kalif’s eyes bugged out at the contents of the case and nearly choked on on his exclamation but managed to control himself.
  • When Barley accepted the case he realized the marking on the lid exactly matched a small medallion he wore around his neck. It had been left in the bassinet with him when he was abandoned as a baby.
  • When asked about the auction he purchased the statuettes at, he said that he had purchased them in Waterdeep some twenty-fiveish years ago which would have been about the time Barley was born. It was an auction at the quaint, out of the way home of one Mongolia Roundhill.
  • The party then left to purchase traveling supplies and were stopped by a stablehand who informed them that some half elven chap in robes had bought horses for them and equipped them with saddle, bridle and food for six days.
  • They then left posthaste and after several uneventful days they had to travel in heavy rain. Navarre nearly lost his horse, but Kalif recovered it. They then spent a rough night in the downpour.
  • After another day of clear weather, a large green skinned humanoid found their camp and proved difficult to handle. While standing over their wood pile, it was set alight and it expired therewith.
  • The new day brought a terrible hailstorm and no travel was possible so the party sheltered as well as they could until a giant scorpion began to attack their horses. It’s tail stinger left smoking holes wherever it struck.
  • As the storm subsided a pack of wolves attacked the party, surrounding Kalif and knocking him unconscious.
  • Eventually the party prevailed and Kalif was saved.
  • The weather broke, and Kalif made a close inspection of the ground they had been camping over and discovered a large summoning circle linked to the Abyss. His efforts to cleanse it were to no avail so the party left, making careful note of its location to return later to deal with it.
  • The remainder of the journey was uneventful and while setting up camp on the last night they could see the ever present light that hangs above Elturel.



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