Tyranny Of Dragons

Greenest in flames!
Opening adventure post-session zero
  • Greenest is seen from a distance, burning buildings are initially thought to be chimney smoke due to distance.
  • A blue dragon is spotted gliding overhead.
  • A bad thunderstorm is brewing on the horizon complete with thunderhead clouds and tornado funnels.
  • Upon closer inspection the Party sees the town is being raided and commoners are being chased and slain.
  • Time is of the essence to get as many people away from the raiders and under cover before the storm hits.
  • The first group of commoners the Party discovers is a family of five and there is no time for introductions.
  • Several more townspeople are saved by character heroics and guided to the town’s fortified keep.
  • With kobolds and cultists hot on their heels, they run into the keep and bar the gates.

Opening adventure ends here.


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