Human Noble

Fighter of Waterdeep


My family is no stranger to wealth, power, and privilege. In the glory days of Neverwinter, my parents were the count and countess of Corlinn Hill, a large estate located in the hills northeast of the city. But Mount Hotenow erupted thirty years ago, devastating Neverwinter and erasing Corlinn Hill from the map. Instead of growing up on an estate, I was raised in a small but comfortable town house in Waterdeep. As an adult, I stand to inherit a meaningless title and little else.

Personal Goal: Civilize Phandalin. I was meant for more than being a ruler of nothing at all. Rebuilding Corlinn Hill is impractical, thanks to the volcano. But in the last three or four years, hardy settlers have been rebuilding another ruin near the city: the old town of Phandalin, which orcs sacked five centuries ago. Clearly, what Phandalin needs now is a civilizing influence—someone to take the reins and bring law and order. Someone like me.

Human Noble

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