Kalif Copperpot

Dwarven Soldier, Domain of Life Cleric of Marthammor Duin


A Stout Dwarf with an unmistakable Copper coloured beard clad in seemingly Untarnished chain mail


Me Father was a Warrior, like his Father before him and his Father before him. Ah remember him coming home in between his many mercenary voyages, but a humble dwarf, yet standing staller than any dragon. His Armour gleaming in the sun and untarnished by the sea or any dirty deeds. Ah wanted nothing more than to walk in his shoes and bring honour him. At an early age ah started my training to become a chaplain in the Mintarn Mercenaries just like him. He always said to me, Keep yee faith and the gods will see ta ya.

Then one voyage… He never came home… As it turns out the gods are fickle and dwarfs make better anchors than floats in the tempest. Me Ma was devastated, but the Mercs took good care of us, He was well honoured in the ranks and we were given enough gold to live comfortably. Ah kept tae my training, but she turned tae drink in her grief, and it takes a lot of booze tae make a strong dwarf woman forget. It all eventually caught up tae her and one night she went out tae join the old man… Ah Never wanted to see the damned ocean again, but Ah kept on training and eventually enlisting, leaving the estate in the hands of my cousins Gundren, Tharden and Nundro of the Rockseekers.

After too many voyages and too many years tae count, Ah had advanced tae rank of Sergeant and an opening came up something about some “New Neverwinter Effort”. Ah didn’t care tae much ‘bout it all. New Lord, New Plan, Same Shite Differant Day, ye see it all the time in Mintarn. Ah just wanted to get me feet on solid ground and tae do the good work, but the rest of the company… They enjoyed their new found power and took tae abusing it and the young lasses outside the Inns. I reported this to the higher ups. They said “it be taken care of”… Well, it was, the young lasses disappeared. After some diggin’ Ah came to know the Lot responsable.. twas me own boys. Something had to be dun’.

We had orders from the mayor to stay off the west end of the city we was charged with. It was the shady part where the gold comes out of. Crims and ta Scum of the earth ooze from every tavern and inn in the place and a shadow mob watching it all like a grim reaper over a field of sin. Me boys loyalty was waning, but get anyone drunk and riled up nuff’ and they’ll follow yee ta the gate of the abyss. I got them liquored up took em on a spree and in but a single night cleaned up crooked gambling tavern after crooked tavern after corrupt innkeeper after corrupt innkeeper.

In the morning the mayor was furious and lead a pitchfork mob straight tae the barracks. Little did he know what Ah found in the wreckage of those filthy taverns and dirty Inn basements. I’ll never forget the look on his face as the poor and disheveled townsfolk found out ‘bout where the gold goes, ‘bout why there’s never any food and most of all happened to their daughters. Justice was swift he was swing ‘fore supper. The mob was mostly ran out of town in the week, but me boys was still as guilty as any of them, Ah handed them over to the new council. They was merciful and let them off with a few years of hard labor rebuilding a new, cleaner, and peaceful west end of town.

My Lord Commander was angered but he knew ah was in the right, my boys twas in the wrong and twas all tae make the town a better place, but the whole event had weight heavy on me. Ah was having nightmares, horrid dreams and visions, not wanting to return tae the ranks, Ah took my honourable discharge with pride and was given a free ride tae some place called greenest and told tae focus on me service to the gods… Sounds like a nice place if Ah say so, maybe Ah can find some peace there…

(A Torn page of a well hidden journal)

When ye find out ye live in a world of shite, it’s always “Greenest” where the Outhouses run off. I’ve been beaten into the Ground more times in a just few weeks than in a hundred years of service with the mercenaries. Figuratively and Literally….I’ve quelled riots and brought peace, I’ve dispatched shadow mafias and I’ve Lead men to overthrow wicked lords, But this cult has tested faith beyond breaking and back again… their shadow seems endless and the light barely shines here… Ah think it’s time to learn to see in the dark

Kalif Copperpot

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