Tyranny Of Dragons

The Mouth, Does It Bite?

Session 2

  • The party comes along a band of stragglers attempting to cook some stolen chickens.
  • The halfling shinnies up a tree to get a better look and sees that it is in fact cultist raiders with a troupe of kobolds.
  • The halfling uses vicious mockery to belittle their cooking skills and immediately draws their ire.
  • The remainder of the party hides in a gully for a moment before realizing the kobolds are backing away and talking amongst themselves.
  • The cultists are handled readily and the kobolds just fade into the scrubland.
  • Chicken is eaten by the party as a few of the “dead” cultists attempt to sneak away.
  • The cultists are re-deaded, then one is saved at the last moment for questioning.
  • The cultist refuses to be intimidated, taking a branding to the cheek from one of the cooking skewers by the halfling.
  • The monk has a bad vision while meditating and slays the cultist.
  • The halfling says he wasn’t done and spares the dying.
  • The cleric removes the prisoner’s boots and plucks a feather from a chicken and proceeds to further the torture, which after a few minutes he cracks and tells them about the rear guard which has fortified itself about two miles down the path.
  • The cleric then persuades the cultist to change his ways, unties his feet, stands him up and points him towards town.
  • The party finishes lunch and continues to the camp, skirting the rearguard by a wide margin.
  • The halfling alters his appearance to that of a kobold, disguises the monk and they strip the cleric of arms and armor and tie him up as a prisoner.
  • The party walks straight into the camp unmolested but has to spend a fair bit of time not getting lost, avoiding direct questions and find where the bosses are camped.
  • The party is firmly threatened upon trying to go to the boss’ tent, but see where the rest of the prisoners are tied up in the process.
  • The cleric is locked up with the other, more malnourished and battered, prisoners, and they see one especially abused half elf dressed in a dirty and torn gi suspended from a St Andrews cross.
  • The halfling knows his spell will wear off so he hides in the bushes with all the gear.
  • The disguised monk fed the prisoners moldy gruel and learns one of the cult’s hand signs in the process.
  • The cleric surreptitiously casts cure wounds on the half elf.
  • Shortly before nightfall the monk challenges the guard to a drinking game, looses and has to stand watch in his place while hungover.
  • The halfling comes out of hiding, gets the key from the monk, and frees the prisoners.
  • The half elf is carefully lowered to the ground.
  • It is decided, that under the cover of darkness the escape would be made by climbing the cliff, traveling along the top of the plateau and descending the south-eastern slop and making a circuitous path back to the trail some miles distant.
  • The monk drinks a spider climb potion and goes to the top with a rope, but can’t tell when it’s time to lower it, so the halfling joins him.
  • A few of the prisoners are too weak to make the climb and fall to their death waking the camp while the party is clinging precariously to the cliff.
  • The escape is effected as the camp is in disarray, but the escaped prisoners are noticed immediately and the search is begun.
  • A four hour brisk hike becomes a multi day ordeal and they are just out of food and exhausted when they come back to the trail near Greenest.
  • The monk runs ahead to town and comes back with a wagon.
  • Governor NIghthill thanks the party and awards them the promised 250gp.
  • Leosin tells the party what he knows and beseeches the party to return to the camp to watch and learn what they can, any changes might be vital. He offers them employment for 150gp each.
  • Leosin is going to rest and recuperate and tells the party to meet him in Elturel if he is no longer in Greenest, and if all else fails to pass on any information to the paladin Ontharr Frume.



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