Tyranny Of Dragons

The Dragon's in the Details

What has been learned thus far

  • Early on during the raid, the cleric was able to recognize the raiders as members of the Cult of the Dragon. These cultists are members of an evil group which creates dracoliches from killed dragons which are under their control.
  • The dragon attacking the town was neither under the cultists’ control nor dead, it was quite alive and in control of its own actions as it fled the storm which struck the town at the same time as the raiders.
  • From the interrogations of captured raiders they heard that the group has been raiding communities all through the Greenfields for loot and not all of them are cultists, but many are just mercenaries. The cultist turned out to be an initiate and bragged that he was a member of the Cult of the Dragon and that they were collecting loot “for the great hoard that will usher in the reign of the Queen of Dragons.” This cultist also let slip that the cult had a clutch of eggs they were hatching.
  • Because of the failed trap at the mill, the cultists were aware of adventurers getting involved with saving the town.
  • Langdedrosa Cyanwrath is a blue half-dragon serving the cult and has marked the face of the character that fought him in single combat, which also proves the cult know adventurers are involved.
  • Leosin Erlanthar is a monk which had become alarmed at the unusual rise in cult activities in the Sword Coast and took it upon himself to investigate, becoming trapped, though not entirely on accident or unwillingly. His time during captivity was especially brutal, and considered it cut short by his rescue. However he learned much to be cause for great alarm.
  • In the camp, a salute was common, the words “Praise Tiamat’s Glory!” and a handsign of an extended hand with all the fingers outstretched. Though some used a similar handsign with a couple fingers curled under the hand.
  • A large number of kobolds were present because their worship of dragons made them easy to manipulate. An accurate count is impossible but anyone’s best guess is between 80 and 150, although they slightly outnumber the non-kobolds.
  • There were hunters from outside the cult which roamed the grasslands for game to feed the camp, and a portion was stockpiled in the cave.
  • Prisoners were kept for demeaning manual labor and eventually worked to death and then fed to the drakes. Some converted.
  • The cave was referred to as “The Nursery.”
  • A female black half-dragon named Resmir was Leosin’s chief tormentor. It was she that first came to the area and scouted the camp, turning operations over to Frulam Mondath. Langdedrosa Cyanwrath is Mondath’s right hand.
  • The raid on Greenest was the largest settlement the cult attempted to plunder and it was also by far the most successful and richest.
  • Everyone was under orders to loot and noone was permitted to keep any for themselves, it all had to go to the Great Hoard. It is kept in the cave but noone knows how much is there, it surely must be a great heap!



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