Tyranny Of Dragons

Greenest Ganders Grabbed, Governor Grilled while Goats Gobbled

Session 3

  • Session begins with characters eating breakfast at the Green Rest Inn when a distraught Trom Stonesworn, the duck farmer comes running up to the heroes. He breathlessly announces kobolds have broken into his duck pens and stolen several ducks, including the blue ribbon winning Maggie.
  • The kobolds are quickly found as are most of the missing ducks including Max the attack duck, an unusually large and aggressive duck which is buffeting one of the kobolds with his wings and administering painful beakings and scratches.
  • The kobolds are handled speedily, but Max then vents his ire at the disturbance on Navarre.
  • Navarre quickly grabs Maggie and makes off toward the farm with Max in hot pursuit.
  • Kalif fixes the neck on the duck that was about to be prepared for dinner and restores it to life, in thanks it attempts to beak him.
  • At the end of the scuffle, Barley sees dark shapes breaking into the Governor’s manor.
  • There is also a scream coming from a goat farm on the far side of the manor where Navarre can see a halfling woman running out the front door of the house and heading towards the goat pens.
  • The heroes head into the Governor’s manor and are met by a feisty drake which is quickly backed up by cultists.
  • After defeating these, the heroes ventured deeper into the manor and soon were face to face with more cultists, this time with mercernaries and a spellcasting acolyte and some kind of leader interrogating a tied up Governor NIghthill.
  • During the fight the leader attempted to garrote the Governor to intimidate the heroes into surrendering, which they didn’t.
  • Navarre attacked the leader directly who let go of his garrote and knocked Navarre unconscious.
  • Kalif quickly used healing word and Navarre stood up moments later.
  • After a brief struggle the heroes finished off the cultists and were free to help the Governor or look for other cultists.
  • Kalif used his scroll of revivify on the Governor.
  • Navarre found the Governor’s desk had been ransacked. As had been most of the manor, and several of his servants had been killed.
  • The Governor told them about the petty cashbox that was in the desk, falsely weighted with lead, he never gave up the location of the town’s coffer.
  • The heroes quickly remember another struggle going on and hurry to the save the goats and their caretaker.
  • At the farm there are three drakes snapping up goats, not all are able to spring away in time.
  • It takes some time, but the heroes are able to stave off the drakes, and just as they get it under control, a group of cultists with another drake shows up.
  • After only a few rounds of combat the cultists give up the fight and depart as quickly as they could.
  • Just as the heroes catch their breath, another alpha drake is attracted to the smells of goats and blood and has to be dealt with.
  • Then, just as swiftly as it begun, all in the town goes quiet again and the heroes have time to think.
  • The swineherd Sandford Porteus had rendered aid to someone he found after the raid, one Tucker Duffus who had amnesia. They recalled seeing him slipping out of town with a sack over his shoulder during the fight with the kobolds.
  • There was a curious statuette amongst the rubble of the Governor’s ruined desk. It was in the form of a red dragon, but seemed to be missing parts or was part of something else. Probably just a curio of the Governor’s, but memorable because of it’s uniqueness.
  • During the fight at the goat farm, Dora Fairbairn seemed to know her craft with a blade, but was completely ineffective despite putting on a good show. Barley trailed her and saw her thieving, where her stash was and diary. Being nosy, he checked it out and discovered she was in fact a murderous thief lately from Phandalin and wanted to set up shop in Greenest. Seducing Veneranda Gammidge the goatherddess, was just one of a long string of manipulations and a cover for her. Unfortunately for her career as a thief, she in turn fell in love with her own cover and was struggling to change her ways.
  • The heroes rest for a week or so, recovering from injuries and have a chance to bask in just being heroes before getting called back to task by Leosin Erlanthar.



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