Tyranny Of Dragons

From Boom to Bust?

Prelude to Session 4

“Adventurers, we must not allow ourselves to be distracted by these small events,” began Leosin. "There are much greater things afoot and I fear lest we attend to them more directly, we shall be mired in lesser goings on. A smokescreen if you will, which blinds us, unable to act proactively. There is certainly more to be learned at the raiders’ camp and I’d dearly like to know what is in that cave they’re using. I would guess there is a cache of treasure and dragon eggs in there. For what purpose I am not sure. Hunters brought fresh meat into the camp daily and a large portion of it went into that cave, surely not to store it. It would rot before it would be of use.

“I must, for my part, leave for Elturel and report my findings thus far,” continued Leosin. “I dare not tarry overlong. I may perhaps wait a short while yet in case you find something of great importance right from the start and rush back. Otherwise catch up to me there as I shall not tarry on the trail.”

Hoping for one last uninterrupted breakfast at the Green Rest Inn, you order extra bacon with your eggs and set out with full bellies once more upon the trail of the raiders.

You find no signs of stragglers, nor of the attentive rearguard. Stalking carefully closer to the encampment you see no signs of the smoky cook fires nor hear any clamor. Finally you nudge around the mouth of the opening to the camp and find no guards, and the squalid tents of the kobolds are empty and silent. Choosing instead to get a higher look, you back away from the exposed entrance and pick a scaleable slope. Atop the plateau, looking down from concealment, the camp is deserted. There is one small, thin thread of smoke coming from a secluded area at the back of the camp and you can make out several small tents unlike the larger ones the raiders used. You also just catch the glint of metal near the entrance to the cave.



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