Tyranny Of Dragons

Preserve, Persevere!

Session 1

The session opened with discussion about which was going to be better for the well being of the townspeople, a secured food supply or the emotional support that the temple of Chauntea represents. It was decided that if the mill was unable to be saved, that by preserving the temple and priest Chauntea would bless the town with recovery. Thus the adventurers headed to the temple.

  • The old tunnel needed to be opened. Fortunately the Castilian was present and had the key. * After removing piles of barrels and crates from the gates leading below, the long unused lock gave in to the persistence of the key and revealed a damp, web choked tunnel leading nearly straight to the creek.
  • Swarms of rats were surprised and nibbled at the adventurers in defense of their home.
  • Finally at the end of the tunnel the key was nearly broken in the neglected lock, which yielded with a groan which the patrols of raiders seemed not to hear.
  • Sneaking along the high creek banks the party made it to the rear of the temple just in time to see a large group walking around the temple, beating on the walls and throwing debris through already broken windows.
  • A smaller group was stacking burning bales of straw against the back door.
  • The boom of a battering ram could be heard from the far side of the temple.
  • The monk sneaks up close using the noisy armor of the cleric as a distraction.
  • The storm knocks down a tree narrowly missing the cleric.
  • The raiders tending the fire are handled swiftly and a survivor is chosen to be taken back to the keep for interrogation.
  • The pile of straw bales is only smoldering and easily removed from the door.
  • The terror stricken commoners are herded out by the Priest and the adventurers as large cracks appear in the front door.
  • The adventuring party swiftly returns to the tunnel passage narrowly avoiding discovery.
  • A short rest is taken and the adventurers hurry to save the mill.
  • As they near it, they surprise a few raiders outside, and on further inspection none of the fires surrounding the mill are particularly dangerous.
  • Upon investigating the mill interior, the insightful cleric says it feels like a trap and the party avoids being surprised by the group lurking in the shadows.
  • The mill is saved and another prisoner is taken in for questioning.
  • Upon returning to the keep they hear that the raiders are members of the Cult of the Dragon, a fanatical group which hunts dragons, slays them, raises them as dracoliches under cult control. Which does not seem to jive with the very much live dragon circling the town. Further they are under instruction to gather as much loot and treasure as possible and are forbidden to loot for themselves, only for “The Great Hoard.”
  • The sally port on the side of the keep, usually for sending out counter attacking parties, is suddenly broken through as it was in poor repair as had been the tunnel gates.
  • Intruders were repelled and a mage was found to repeatedly cast Mending on the doors.
  • As the dragon swooped low the dragonfear overwhelmed many, including the mage which stopped mid-spell and ran into the darkness to be slain by the raiders.
  • The dwarven Castilian and cleric used their skill to reset the door, but not before a second group tried to break through, which was also repelled.
  • Several guardmen are slain as the dragon breathed lightning as he passed overhead.
  • Suddenly everything got quiet, then there were shouts as a tornado came through, the dragon departed to safety.
  • The tornado ripped up part of the town and as it dissipated, pulled a few people and items out of the keep.
  • The bard snared the airborne cleric with an arrow to which had been affixed a rope but was ultimately unable to fully reel him in before the tornado moved on dropping him some 50 feet in the air, to drop over the side of the keep dangling on the end of the rope.
  • As the sun comes up a blue half dragon hails the keep offering an exchange of prisioners for honorable single combat.
  • The monk steps forth and with his flurry of blows knocks the half dragon down, but then makes the mistake of striking him while he was down.
  • The half dragon then handily kills the monk, and deals a second intentional killing strike before commanding the remaining prisoner to be set free and departing with the rest of the raiders.
  • The monk is saved by experienced medics and is rewarded two healing potions by the Governor.
  • The adventurers choose to take a long rest after their grueling night.
  • Governor Nighthill approaches the party and asks them to scout the raider’s camp to ascertain the future risk t the town and the real purpose of the raid.
  • The acolyte of a missing monk also approaches the party and asks them to seek for his sensei in the camp.
  • A few miles outside of town one of the adventurers falls though the crumbling roof of a buried chamber which turns out to be some of the remnants of an earlier civilization.
  • Riddling columns are discovered and most of the riddles are answered.
  • Undead are found lurking in the corners, perhaps former guards or other servants.
  • Several items are found, including potions, one for each properly answered riddle.



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