Tyranny Of Dragons

Deals with the Devils?

Session 4

Session opened with characters in location as described in prelude.

  • Players elected to sneak up on the campfire and saw several hunters or scouts that were seriously not paying attention.
  • Characters paused at the watchtower to consider their options with Barley casting Disguise Self to appear as a short human.
  • Through role play Barley finds out that nearly the entire raider camp has headed east, paking only the essentials and a great number of crates taken from the cave. Several raiders and cultists remain, what thier business in the cave they cannot say, but they are still accepting large quatities of meat from them.
  • Barley departs while attempting not to put his foot in his mouth and nearly falls down the hill beyond the guard tower.
  • The party reconnoiters and decides to investigate the tent they were prevented from approaching the last time they were there.
  • Kalif falls through the canvas making a racket, and Navarre drops a bottle of soured wine splashing himself with the pungent liquid.
  • The adventurers sneak their way towards the cave opening and are quickly assaulted by cultists backed up by several guards.
  • This preliminary encounter is wrapped up quickly, and the party stumbles down some stairs landing nearly in a patch of violet fungi. A Thunderwave smashes the fungi and echoes through the cavern.
  • Around the next bend, the party stumbles into a spike trap and Barley becomes poisoned with confusion as kobolds begin throwing sling stones and a flying kobold drops large rocks.
  • Out of sight in the shadows, other kobolds open the gate to the drakes they had been training, but the stairs are only wide enough for one at a time.
  • One kobold runs for help. The party has just enough time to quaff healing potions before more Drakes claw their way up from below and more kobolds climb stairs and pelt the adventurers in the back with various thrown weapons.
  • Three very battered adventurers prevail, but are hit by another trap on the way to the kobold barracks and search it for loot finding a reasonable pile of coin.
  • Fiding their way through the rear of the barracks the tunnel dips down and dim torchlight can be seen.
  • At the end of the tunnel they find themselves in a shrine of the Cult of the Dragon which currently has in residence Langdedrosa Cyanwrath, the self same half-dragon that challenged the men of Greenest to single combat in exchange for the lives of some prisoners. The same that nearly killed Navarre after Navarre had dishonored him by attacking while he was prone.
  • After a protracted fight Barley and Kalif were both unconcious and Navarre was down to his last handful of HP when he begged submission from a rather bemused Cyanwrath.
  • The evil, but honorable Cyanwrath offered a bargin: that they, and especially Navarre would track down and procure for him the other four statuettes that comprise the icon of Tiamat. In the end the players accepted the task and were permitted to depart.
  • Battered and bloody, the adventurers limped towards Greenest.
  • During a short rest, Kalif has a vision of a crimson hall and a meeting with a high official which seems to know him intimately. He is offered a contract for great power and signs his name. He is then rudely told to depart. The contract is for the patronage of the arch fiend Mephistopheles for Warlock powers. Time will tell if Kalif’s life domain will conflict.



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