The Cult of the Dragon is on the move!

Greenest is but the latest stop for the cultists’ raiding and pillaging. Many factions wonder what they are up to, and early inquiries revealed a new leadership is ascendant. This new leader is not interested in the creation of more dracoliches as predecessors before him. Instead he is making deals and working with living dragons!

This adventure opens with the party arriving in the outskirts of a sleepy town called Greenest. Nestled in the heart of the Greenfields, it has long served as a popular stop for caravans on the long trek between lands to the west and the bustling cities of of the Sword Coast. As the town comes into view, the thin wisps of smoke believed to be chimney fires resolve out of the false perception that the town was closer than originally thought. Instead the town is under attack and the sounds of battle and screams come on the faint breeze which also brings the scent of burning thatch. Far overhead a bluish tinted creature with reptilian wings glides on thermals, swooping now and again at the small tower in the center of of the town, violet flashes striking the walls.

As the party gets closer they see robed figures, large quadrupedal lizards, and short humanoid creatures with tails harrying terror stricken commoners.

Tyranny Of Dragons

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